The International School of Bergen (ISB) was founded in 1975 and is a non-profit, co-educational day school, enrolling students in pre-school through upper school. The school is one of Bergen’s infrastructures attractive to international investors.

The purpose of the school is to provide an education for the children of expatriate personnel in Bergen and to attract further corporate investment in the Bergen area. Our corporate clients receive priority admission in return for their sponsorship.


ISB’s programmes have become known outside of the “corporate circle” and parents, both local and permanent foreign, seek admission for their children.Parents send their children to an English language school to assure the alternative for tertiary education abroad or otherwise envisioning a future for their children which will demand total bi- or multi-lingual fluency.

The inclusion of both international and local students into ISB is positive and enchances the international aspect of the school in addition to building a cultural bridge between the school and local community. It also helps to stabilise the enrolment of the school and thus assure the continuity of the programme despite fluctuations in the number of multi-national corporate investors in the community.

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The school is accepting applications for placement in the Early Childhood Centre, Lower School and Upper School throughout the school year.