When recruiting we emphasis:

  • Diversity (presently our 30 teachers come from 15 countries)
  • Intercultural competence

When looking for teachers, we seek those who:

  • Consider teaching a calling
  • Are willing to dedicate extended times throughout the year to student-centered and project based learning
  • Foster a sense of belonging
  • Bring a variety of experiences for colleagues and students to learn from
  • Are trained in inquiry based pedagogy
  • Are highly trained experts in their field
  • See parents as partners

Teachers joining the ISB will be required to have their qualifications recognised by NOKUT and two years experience in teaching will be expected.

We hope you will consider joining us and further enhance our learning journey! We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and a close community.

Please keep an eye on vacancies, which we advertise on our employment page, GRC and on LinkedIn.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Viki Stiebert,

Apply here!
The school is accepting applications for placement in the Early Childhood Centre, Lower School and Upper School throughout the school year.