The International School of Bergen is in the process of moving to new premises and we are looking forward to welcoming our students to new facilities at Sandslihaugen 30 in August 2019. In addition to individual classrooms, ISB facilities include a library, a computer room, art and music rooms, a well-equipped science laboratory and a gymnasium.

Within our educational programmes, we make good use of facilities in the neighborhood. These include a swimming pool, an ice rink, other sports facilities, a science discovery centre, museums, art galleries and local sites of historical interest. Bergen’s wonderful countryside is just on our doorstep and is used as an extended classroom.

Our school premises are provided through a long-standing partnership with the City of Bergen. We have also fostered partnerships with local business organizations such as the Bergen Chamber of Trade and Commerce and Business Region Bergen. Further important partnerships exist with the Integrated Masters Teacher Education course at the University of Bergen.

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The school wishes to accept all qualified applicants and shall make every effort to provide the facilities needed for expected enrolment.