ISB wishes to accept all qualified applicants and shall make every effort to provide the resources needed for expected enrolment.

Admission shall be based on data submitted as required by the Director, in consultation with the professional staff, to determine:

  1. the potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services available, and
  2. the capacity of the school to meet the educational needs of the applicant.

The School(Grades 1 through 10) does not have the facilities to cater for students with severe physical or learning disabilities.

Entry priority for new students in the Pre-school and Kindergarten programme will be given to:

  1. children of internationally mobile families
    a) company-sponsored students
    b) other internationally mobile students
  2. siblings of previously enrolled students
  3. those children whose language background, sex and age best meet the needs of the group as a whole

Entry priority for new students in Grades One through Ten will be given to:

  1. children of internationally mobile families
    a) company-sponsored students
    b) other internationally mobile students
  2. siblings of previously-enrolled students

Class assignment is determined by a review of past records and placement, age and a personal interview. If there are insufficient records, an Admissions Interview is required.

There are different factors taken into account when determining the tuition fee applicable. Therefore, please contact the School Office for more details. Company sponsored students needs a Company Sponsored Tuition Schedule signed by a representative of the sponsoring company.

The Admissions Process involves 3 steps:

  1. Application Process
  2. Placement Process
  3. Welcome and Transition Process


Pre-school and Kindergarten admissions are made in collaboration with the central database maintained by Bergen Kommune. For this reason, parents applying for admission to our Preschool and Kindergarten programmes are required to complete the ISB application form in addition to the application forms issued by Bergen Kommune. If you have an difficulties filling in the form in Norwegian, there is information available in other languages, otherwise please contact the School Office for assistance. For students leaving ISB, there’s one month notice for termination.

Grades 1 to 10 are required to complete the ISB application form in addition to submitting school records for 2 complete years showing evidence of formal schooling, including any Individual Education Plans.


The Placement Process determines which grade a student will enter. The aim is to ensure that students are placed in the grade most suitable for their learning, social development and chronological age. (If in doubt, please consult the comparative age/grade reference). A formal offer of enrolment may be made after the information for Steps 1 and 2 is received and validated.

Required for Placement

  • Samples of student work and/or portfolio (can be brought on the day of the visit)
  • Information about previous placement and length of anticipated stay in Norway
  • Standardised test results, if available.


Once assigned to a class, we wish to ensure that the newly-placed student is able to adjust to the new school environment as quickly as possible. This will involve informing the teacher(s) about the new enrolment, in addition to appointing a buddy to help the student through the start of school.

Apply today!
The school is accepting applications for placement in the Early Childhood Centre, Lower School and Upper School throughout the school year.