At our Open House from 1100 to 1400 on Saturday, September 14th, we will be hosting a Learning Tour for the first two hours. The goal of this tour is to showcase how learning is different in the International Baccalaureate (IB). Teachers will conduct mini 
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The new campus has been alive with the buzz of learning for almost three weeks now. Everyone is enjoying the extra indoor and outdoor space and the range of learning activities the facility offers. From the state-of-the-art science laboratory to the black box theatre/dance studio 
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Over many years, ISB staff members, the Board of Trustees, the Chamber of Commerce, business leaders and supporters in the Kommune have worked tirelessly to provide Bergen an international school of which it can be proud. It has not been a straightforward process with false 
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With more than 40 years experience in teaching children from all over the world, International School of Bergen’s mission is to provide an internationally accredited educational programme for families living in Bergen.
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ISB and the City of Bergen have announced that, after many years of waiting and postponements, International School of Bergen will move from its current location in Landås into new premises at Sandsli.
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For the past month, ISB students from Kindergarten through Grade 6 held regular rehearsals in order to participate in the national event that is BliMe 2018. Students translated and discussed the song’s lyrics during Norwegian language lessons, in addition to learning the choreography as part 
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