BlimE 2018

International School of Bergen BlimE dans 2018

For the past month, ISB students from Kindergarten through Grade 6 held regular rehearsals in order to participate in the national event that is BliMe 2018. Students translated and discussed the song’s lyrics during Norwegian language lessons, in addition to learning the choreography as part of Performing Arts.

The song changes every year, but the theme stays the same, which is about being friends and looking out for each other. This year’s Norwegian artist was Freddy Kalas, an established hit-maker already known to many Norwegian children.

This year is the first time ISB students participated in BliMe. The theme of the campaign is something the school firmly identifies with, and ISB was very proud of its students for taking part. Students had great fun while learning the song and the dance, and it was an exciting community-building activity during the first weeks of school.

On Friday September 21st, the ISB students, alongside 380 000 students from all over Norway, danced at 12:00.

It was great to see that two clips of ISB students dancing were included in NRK Super’s video, which aired during NRK Super’s Live show that same evening, showing footage of children, and even adults, dancing the BliMe dance.

You can watch a video of the ISB students dancing here: https://nrksuper.no/blime-2018/kart/?videoId=052afcda-f05b-4919-b26c-4a01adad8adc


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