Each student has unique personal, social, emotional and educational needs. ISB works to provide all students with the support they need for successful academic, social, and emotional development throughout their school years.


The school’s Media Centre, in addition to books, a range of reference materials, including encyclopedias, CD-ROM, Internet. All ISB students may borrow books using the computerized library system; both fiction and non-fiction, from the library for home reading. Check out our Activity Overview to see the Open Library Schedule.

Access the school library database, Destiny.


Individual Education Needs provides differentiated support and programs for students throughout the school. All ability levels are covered with both short and long term goals. Other aspects include team teaching with the class teacher and one on one support.


English Language Support (ELS) is offered, free of charge, at ISB to any student who is registered at the school with no or limited English proficiency. At the Early Childhood Center (ECC), the staff work closely with the individual or small groups of students to build their English oral vocabulary though play and learning activities. In Grades 1 through 10, students registered at ISB are assessed by staff to inform the needs of individual and groups of students.

ELS lessons are organised to best suit the needs of individuals or groups. Lessons consist of either, small group/individual pull-out sessions or the ELS teacher working within the classroom.


The school counselor provides, in addition to addressing specific transitional concerns with regard to academic and social placement, the responsive services that address the developing needs of students. These services include conducting personal and academic counseling sessions, leading small group activities, collaborating with grade level teachers and administration, acting as a resource for teachers and parents, and facilitating parent conferences.


ManageBac is a custom made IB software designed for planning, assessment and reporting in the IB continuum. At ISB, Grades 1 – 5 use ManageBac. Go to ISB’s ManageBac logon page.

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The school is accepting applications for placement in the Early Childhood Centre, Lower School and Upper School throughout the school year.