Moving plan approved

In front of the new school building: (from left) ISB director June Murison, Peggy Krantz-Underland on behalf of Bergen Chamber of Commerce International Resource Group, ISB Board Chair Ekaterina Mohn and Chief City Commissioner in Bergen Harald Schjelderup.

ISB and the City of Bergen have announced that, after many years of waiting and postponements, International School of Bergen will move from its current location in Landås into new premises at Sandsli.

“We are obviously very excited that a plan is finally in place. Hopefully we will be moving in to the new premises in January”, says Director June Murison.

The school is working closely with architects and the property section of Bergen kommune to ensure that both the indoor and outdoor facilities will provide a superior learning environment for all the children at ISB, both in preschool and grades 1 through 10.

The new address is Sandslihaugen 30 and the school will be strategically located near the city rail, the airport and the local business community.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for ISB to further develop the school’s identity,” says Chair of the ISB Board of Trustees, Ekaterina Mohn.

“We will continue to support international expansion and growth in Western Norway. This is why we are here and why we were founded 40 years ago”.

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