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Dear ISB Community- parents, teachers, non-teaching employees and students,

It is with great joy that I have accepted the position of Director at your beautiful school. The interview process impressed me as it was both warm and thorough and reflected the school you are. Your students spoke so highly of their learning environment and in particular of the open and positive relationships they have with their teachers. I could not help but be impressed by their reflections on your school.

A little bit about myself, my name is Viki Stiebert and I am a dual national New Zealander and German, having grown up in both countries. Professionally I have led schools in New Zealand at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, in Switzerland at Zurich International School (ZIS) and currently in Panama where I am the Director of the International School of Panama.

I have two daughters who both completed the International Baccalaureate at ZIS. My elder daughter Antonia operates her own NGO called educate. Which seeks to empower disenfranchised youth in Honduras. My younger daughter Helena is about to embark on her fourth and final year at Stirling university in Scotland, where she is completing a BA in Philosophy and English. Finally, my husband, Peter will be arriving with me, he is an outdoor education teacher and has taught sailing, kayaking and touring skiing. In my spare time I read, paddleboard, do yoga and love to cook and travel. Below you will see a photo of my family at Antonia’s graduation last September in Amsterdam.Viki Stiebert with family

Later this month we will be traveling from Panama via my second hometown Hamburg, to Bergen. We cannot wait to become a part of your community and contribute to the thriving education your students enjoy.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email.

Viki Stiebert


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