New Year, New School

Upper School Principal, Mr. Peter Ledger running the student orientation programme.

Over many years, ISB staff members, the Board of Trustees, the Chamber of Commerce, business leaders and supporters in the Kommune have worked tirelessly to provide Bergen an international school of which it can be proud. It has not been a straightforward process with false starts, changing locations, obstacles and delays that have frustrated but not deterred us from reaching the finishing line.  We have of course made it and the former Statoil Training Centre has been transformed into a world-class campus rivaling many of the top international schools in the world. We now have facilities that match the proud quality of our International Baccalaureate programme.

Before welcoming our students, for many weeks and much of the summer school staff and families have been shifting furniture, unpacking boxes, preparing learning spaces and eagerly showing off the fabulous indoor and outdoor facilities to members of the community.

We can now set out sights on the next chapter of ISB’s history.

As a school that promotes student agency, our student council plays a critical role in how we meet the needs of our student body. The student council actively promotes school-wide efforts to help ISB become a paperless and plastic-free institution and the new, student-driven Green School committee will undoubtedly explore more ways to help us contribute positively. Our increased but thoughtfully balanced use of technology is not only an important element of going paperless, it also allows our students to critically consume and ethically produce information – increasingly important attributes of responsible citizenship around the world. Knowing how to access, learn and share ideas is the basis of being knowledgeable in an increasingly digital world.

Let the learning begin.

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