Open House – Learning Tour & BBQ

At our Open House from 1100 to 1400 on Saturday, September 14th, we will be hosting a Learning Tour for the first two hours. The goal of this tour is to showcase how learning is different in the International Baccalaureate (IB). Teachers will conduct mini educational activities across the school to simulate typical IB learning scenarios. Key components of IB instruction will be demonstrated within the context of these learning scenarios. Please feel welcome to ask questions during the tour.

The Learning Tour and BBQ are open to everyone, not just parents in the ISB community. Please feel free to invite family, friends and colleagues so they can better understand why you have entrusted the education of your child or children to ISB.

We will provide the BBQs, green salad, potato salad, water, plates, cups and cutlery – all you have to bring is your food of choice for the grill. We will designate some meat-free BBQs for vegetarians and vegans.

Listed below are the activities on the tour between 1100 and 1300.

On the Learning Tour you will see how:

  • we use Global Contexts to unlock deeper personal understanding of identity and self-expression through Visual Art
  • the IB Learner Profile and Assessment Criteria are used in the context of open-ended and solution-oriented mathematics
  • Global Contexts and the Science Cycle of Inquiry are deployed to promote the scientific method as an educational tool
  • a Unit of Inquiry is transformed into a physical space to boost inquiry-based learning within Transdisciplinary Themes; all-encompassing themes that give context and meaning to broad fields of knowledge
  • physical materials are used to promote play-based learning within Units of Inquiry
  • Global Contexts such as Identities & Relationships are used to frame group discussions and acting for a deeper understanding of works of literature
  • learning the fundamentals of computer programming lead to process thinking, problem-solving and evaluation – skills that benefit more than programming itself
  • Global Contexts and Interdisciplinary Units build holistic learning environments that enhance meaning and appreciation of different ways of thinking across subject areas
  • Math stations adapted for different learning styles expand access to learning and inquiry, as well as self-reflection through the IB Learner Profile
  • our younger students use the learning management tool SeeSaw for self-directed learning and in this case, to document the design process leading to a finished product
  • attributes of the Learner Profile are strengthened through inquiry-based learning
  • attitudes, concepts, skills and other key components of IB education are incorporated into a Unit of Inquiry into Endangered Wildlife
  • the student council gives the student body a voice to influence key elements of student life and community-wide initiatives
  • English Language Support, Learning Support and Counseling work individually and as a team for the success of our students

We look forward to seeing you.

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