Beredt is the name of the catering company ISB uses. Families can order to have a hot meal service for their child(ren). A week’s worth of meals are ordered at a time. 

Order deadlines:
Hot meals: Thursday at 18.00 the week before delivery.
Baguettes/wraps: The day before delivery at 14.00.

Important information:

  • Hot meals are only available to order in whole weeks.
  • Baguettes and wraps are possible to order for a day at a time.
  • If you have questions about the menu or order app, contact us at catering@beredt.no, other questions or information about your order contact us at ordre@beredt.no


Offer – delivery of hot meals.

Prices and portions:

  • Age 3 – 5: 300 gr. portions, price pr. week kr.225,- including VAT
  • Age 6 – 10: 350 gr. portions, price pr. week kr. 300,- including VAT
  • Age 11- 15: 400 gr. portions, price pr. week kr.335,- including VAT

There will also be the possibility of ordering wraps or sandwiches:


  • Baguette chicken and curry Kr. 56,- incl VAT
  • Baguette ham and cheese Kr. 56,- incl VAT
  • Baguette shrimps and mayo kr. 60,- incl VAT


  • Wrap chicken and curry kr. 65,- incl VAT
  • Wrap Taco kr. 65,- incl VAT
  • Wrap Pulled Pork kr. 65,- incl VAT
  • Wrap Vegetarian/Vegan kr. 65,- incl VAT
  • Wrap Smoked Salmon kr. 65,- incl VAT

How to order – quick guide

  1. Go to web site https://order.weorder.com/restaurant/23728.
  2. Go to “Take away”, then make a profile to log in. (Use your own name and phone number, you must write your child/children’s name later on)
  3. You are now ready to order. Choose the week/weeks you want for your child. You can place one order for all the weeks available in the app or choose one week at the time.
  4. When you are done, go to Checkout. Important: in “Add comment” write child`s name and grade.
  5. Press Place Order and we will deliver the meals to ISB every working day, each marked with name and grade.
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The school accepts applications from international and local families.
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