We are a Norwegian-French family with two daughters. Both of them attended pre-school and kindergarten at ISB, and our oldest joined ISB again at Gr.7 after spending almost six years in a Norwegian school and two terms in a public school in the UK. ISB offers a genuinely international and multicultural atmosphere. The staff at pre-school and KG made it a fantastic learning environment where both our daughters were having great fun and thriving while learning quite a bit compared to standard Norwegian childcare. We have been just as happy with the upper school and the implementation of the IB Middle-Years Program. Our daughter enjoys the friendly atmosphere in class and praises the quality of the teachers who do challenge her but always in a supportive manner. The combination of formative and summative assessment makes the progress visible to her and she commits to improving. As parents, we value all of this and also the availability of the teachers and the rest of the staff. To sum it all up, we warmly recommend ISB!

Nathalie Reuter


We would like to thank ISB for all the years of support for our children and family. We have no doubt that our kids will always have good memories of ISB and you will be in our hearts forever!

Omar & Erendira Bautista



ISB cares. After years in a class of 40 students and experiencing how difficult it was to get attention, we suddenly had a completely new school situation. The teachers have time and they see all the students. Being seen and noticed means the world to us all. And when this is combined with appropriate expectations for their academic progress, it means the students can grow into confident and academically strong people. This is the best investment in our child’s future that we can make.

Jørgen Straume Ryland


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